How to open an oyster? Follow these easy steps

Opening an oyster is easier than you think. Follow these steps and you can open it in seconds.

What happens when you open an oyster?

From the moment an oyster opens, its meat begins to deteriorate and lose its properties. The reason for this is that oysters have a high water content and, once they open, are exposed to oxidation. This causes the meat to become acidic and lose its flavor. If it is not consumed immediately, the oyster must be refrigerated to prevent it from deteriorating more.

How long can oysters be opened before?

Do you want to know how long you have to wait to open an oyster once you bought it? First, you must make sure the oysters are fresh. If you are buying fresh oysters, make sure they are alive and that the water is clean. Second, you must make sure the oysters are clean. Oysters can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush or a sponge. Third, it is important that oysters are cold. Oysters must be in the refrigerator before opening them. Finally, when you are ready to open the oysters, make sure you have a sharp knife.

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