Learn how to open an OpenBank account in just 5 minutes!

OpenBank is one of the main online banks in Spain. It offers a wide range of banking services to individuals and companies, from current and savings accounts, to credit cards, loans and insurance.

How long does OpenBank take to activate account?

OpenBank is an online bank that offers accounts to its customers. One of the issues that many clients are raised is how long OpenBank takes to activate account.

The truth is that the time it takes OpenBank to activate account depends on various factors. First, we have to keep in mind that the bank performs a previous analysis of the requests for opening account. This analysis aims to verify that the client meets the requirements of the entity and that there is no risk.

Once the bank has proven that everything is in order, proceeds to open the account. At this time, the customer will receive an email in which it will be indicated that you can access your account and start using it.

In general, the time it takes OpenBank to activate account is usually a few days. However, in some cases there may be small delays due to the amount of applications that the bank is receiving. In any case, the important thing is that the client knows that OpenBank will be responsible for activating his account as soon as possible.

What commissions do OpenBank charge?

OpenBank is an online bank that offers a wide variety of financial services to its customers. Among these services, the bank offers the possibility of making international money transfers. However, the bank charges a commission for this service.

The commission charged by OpenBank for making international money transfers is 2% of the total amount of the transfer. This commission is one of the highest that banks charge for this type of service. However, the Bank offers the possibility of reducing this commission if transfers are made for an amount exceeding 3,000 euros.

OpenBank is one of the banks that charges the most commissions for making international money transfers. If you need to carry out this type of transfers frequently, we recommend that you look for another bank that charges lower commissions.

Where can I open an account without commissions?

Do you want to save in your bank commissions? You’re not alone! According to a Gallup study, 62% of Americans say they would like to pay less in bank commissions. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of bank accounts options without available commissions. If you are looking for a bank account without commissions, here are some options to consider.

Ally Bank is an online bank that offers a savings account without commissions and without minimal requirements. They also offer a current account without commissions and with an interest rate of 0.10% APy. Capital One 360 ​​is another online bank that offers a savings account without commissions and with an interest rate of 0.75% APy. They also have a current account without commissions and with an interest rate of 0.20% APy.

Online banks are not the only option to obtain an account without commissions. Some traditional banks, such as Chase Bank, offer accounts without commissions. However, it is important to read small letters, since Chase and other traditional banks often require a minimum balance to avoid commissions. Other conditions, such as making a certain number of transactions per month, can also be applied.

Before opening a bank account, be sure to understand all terms and conditions. Some bank accounts without commissions can offer a higher interest rate, but it is important to ensure that the account adapts to your needs and that you can meet the requirements to avoid commissions.

What does OpenBank offer you?

OpenBank offers its customers a wide variety of financial services, including savings accounts, credit cards, loans and more. They also offer a wide variety of tools and resources to help their customers save money and earn more interests. OpenBank also offers a wide variety of promotions and offers, so there is always something new for customers.

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