Open an online account in BBVA: step by step

BBVA offers the possibility of opening an online account easily and quickly. Next, we show you a step by step so you can do it correctly.

How does a BBVA online account open?

BBVA is a Spanish bank that offers financial services to individuals, companies and entities. BBVA also offers the possibility of opening an online account through its website. Opening an online BBVA account is very simple and can be done in a few minutes. All you need is a mobile phone number and an email address.

To open an online BBVA account, you must first access the bank’s website and select the open account option. Then, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number and your email address. Once you have done this, you will receive an activation code on your mobile phone. This code must enter the bank website to confirm your account.

After confirming your account, you can access all the services offered by the bank. You can consult your balance, make transfers, pay your invoices, etc. If you need help to open your account on BBVA online, you can contact the bank customer service.

What is needed to open an account at the BBVA bank?

What is needed to open an account at the BBVA bank?

BBVA is one of the largest banks in Mexico and offers accounts for natural and moral persons. To open an account at the BBVA bank, it takes:

1. A current official identification: Voting credential, INE or passport.

2. Proof of address: Light, water, telephone or property receipt.

3. Two personal or banking references.

4. A minimum initial deposit of $ 500 pesos.

5. Accredit monthly income for $ 3,000 pesos.

BBVA Bank offers savings accounts, checks and debit and credit cards. It also offers investment services, loans and insurance.

How much is the minimum amount to open an account in BBVA?

BBVA offers the possibility of opening a savings account with a minimum amount of $ 500. In this way, the bank allows its customers to save money safely and profitably. Some of the advantages of opening a savings account in BBVA are:

-Rentability: The bank offers a profitability of 0.50% SAE on the account balance. This means that if $ 500 is maintained in the account, at the end of the year $ 2.50 will have been obtained in interest.

-Sevegity: BBVA is one of the largest and most solvent banks in Spain, so you can be calm that the money will be sure.

-Fexibility: BBVA’s savings account allows operations through the Internet, mobile and ATMs, which makes it very comfortable and easy to use.

-Athern advantages: In addition, the BBVA savings account allows you to domicile the payroll and receive cash through the BBVA ATMs. Also, if life or home insurance is hired through the bank, a discount can be obtained in the premium.

What types of accounts are in the BBVA?

There are three main types of accounts in the BBVA: the payroll account, the current account and the savings account. Each of these accounts has its own characteristics and benefits, so it is important to understand what is the best option for you.

The payroll account is a check account designed for those who receive their salary through the bank. The payroll account offers a series of benefits, such as a free debit card, a preferential credit limit and free life insurance.

The current account is the most popular option among BBVA customers. The current account offers a wide range of services, such as a free debit card, a preferential credit limit, free life insurance and a linked savings account.

The savings account is a savings account that allows you to save money for the near future. The savings account allows you to enjoy a fixed interest rate and do not require that you maintain a minimum balance.

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