How to open a lock of numbers? Follow these simple steps.

Although it seems difficult, opening a lock of numbers is a simple task if you follow the right steps. With a little practice, you can open the padlock in seconds.

How to open a 3 numbers lock?

If you have forgotten the combination of your 3 numbers padlock, do not worry, there are a couple of ways to open it. The first way is to use a ganzúa or a mouth saw. This will require some strength and perhaps a little practice, but it is possible to open the lock in this way.

The second way is to use an air pump. If you have an air pump and a fine needle, you can use this method to open the lock. Simply insert the needle into the slot of the number you want to open and blow air on it. It should be enough to move the number to the correct position.

How to open a key padlock without the key?

Although it seems impossible, it is possible to open a key padlock without the key. However, it is not an easy task and requires some skill and patience. Next, we show you how to open a key padlock without the key.

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