How to open an ING account in 5 simple steps

For those who seek an easy and convenient way to handle their money, ING is a great option. Below are 5 simple steps to open an Ing account.

What do I need to open an Ing account?

To open an ING account, you will need a DNI, a phone number and an email address. You will also need an account in a Spanish bank with a minimum balance of 100 euros.

How much does Ing charge if you don’t have payroll?

How much does Ing charge if you don’t have payroll?

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a retiree or you simply do not have a payroll job, in ING you can open an account without charging a salary. In fact, they do not charge commissions for account maintenance, nor do they require a minimum of monthly balance.

The only condition is that domicile the payroll in your bank, since in this way you can benefit from a series of exclusive advantages for payroll. Among them, are the opening of an INGless account without commissions, the discount on the commissions of the 4B and 4B+ATMs.

But, if you don’t domicile your payroll in the bank, how much does Ing charge to keep the account? Well, although they do not charge commissions for the maintenance of the account, they do apply a series of commissions in other concepts.

For example, if you use the ATM from another bank, you will have to pay a commission of 1.50 euros, while if you need to get cash in an ING office, the commission will be 2 euros.

As for transfers, if you make them to an ING account, you will not have to pay any commission, but if you make them to an account of another bank, the commission will be 0.50 euros.

Finally, it should be noted that ING does not allow the opening of accounts to resident clients outside Spain, so if you are a foreigner and want to open an account in this bank, you must do it through its Dutch subsidiary, ING Netherlands.

How much does Ing on commissions charge?

After analyzing ING commissions, we can conclude that they are very competitive. It does not charge maintenance commissions, or by issuance of credit cards, it also offers the possibility of operating with shares without commissions. Its only commission is 0.50% in reimbursements at ATMs.

What kind of accounts do you have?

The accounts offered by the ING Bank are varied, but all of them have characteristics that make them attractive to the public. First, the bank offers affordable accounts for all pockets, with very competitive interest rates. In addition, the bank offers a wide range of services to its customers, such as a free online account and a free debit card. It is also possible to access a wide variety of investment products through this bank.

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