Open an account in BBVA and take advantage of all the benefits!

BBVA is a very popular bank in Spain and offers many advantages to its customers. If you open a BBVA account, you can enjoy all the benefits offered by the bank, such as a free credit card, a savings account and much more.

What is needed to open an account at the BBVA bank?

If you want to open an account at the BBVA bank, you first need to gather the following documents:

1. A valid identity document: It can be your passport, your ID or your residence permit.

2. A domicile justifying: it can be an invoice of light, gas or water, or a rental receipt.

3. A phone number: You will need a phone number to activate the account.

Once you have all these documents, you can go to any BBVA bank office and request that an account open. You can also open an online account, but for this you will need a mobile phone number.

How much do they charge you for opening an account at the BBVA?

BBVA offers its customers the possibility of opening a savings account so they can save money. The savings account allows customers to save money and earn interest on it. BBVA charges a monthly rate of 2 euros for the opening of the savings account.

How much is the minimum amount to open an account in BBVA?

If you are thinking of opening an account in BBVA, we tell you how much money you need to do it. According to the bank’s website, the minimum amount to open an account is $ 500 pesos. If you do not have that amount, do not worry, you can also open a BBVA account with $ 100 pesos. To do this, you must go to a bank branch and request account opening.

How to open a BBVA account from my cell phone?

In the following article we will explain step by step how to open a BBVA account from your cell phone. It is a relatively simple process that you can perform in a matter of minutes.

The first thing you will need is to download the bank’s application on your mobile device. Once you have it installed, log in using your bank account data. If you do not have an account in BBVA, do not worry, you can create it through the same application.

Once you have logged down, you can see all the options offered by the application. To open a new account, you must select the open account and fill in the requested data. In some cases, they will ask you to scan the ID using the camera of your cell phone.

Once you have filled all the data, you can select the account that best suits your needs and complete the opening process. In a matter of minutes, you can enjoy all the benefits of having an account in BBVA.

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