How to open a sirloin to fill? Here we tell you step by step

When filling a sirloin, the first thing we must do is open it. Next we explain how to do it step by step.

Tips for opening a pork sirloin: techniques and tricks

To open a sirloin to fill, the first thing to do is remove the meat from the refrigerator to put at room temperature. Then, you have to place the meat on a flat surface and, with a sharp knife, make a cut in the center of the meat, without reaching the end. Then, you have to open the cut with your hands and, with the help of a stick, open the hole so that it is large enough to fill.

Once the meat is open, you have to fill it with the preparation of our choice. I recommend a ham and cheese filling, but you can fill it with what you like. After filling, you have to close the hole with the help of some sticks or, if you prefer, you can sew it with kitchen thread.

Finally, you have to cook the meat to taste. I recommend that you cook the grill or baked, but you can cook it as you like.

And that’s it! Now you just have to serve and enjoy your stuffed sirloin.

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