How to open a keyless lock: 5 easy shapes

Sometimes, the keys are lost, left inside the house or simply do not work. Fortunately, opening a keyless lock is easier than you think. Here are five ways to open a keyless lock.

How can a keyless lock open?

Who has not ever forgotten house or car keys and has been blocked outside? Fortunately, there are many tricks to open a keyless lock.

The most common method is to use a ganzúa. This is a tool that is used to manipulate the lock and force it to open. Other objects such as a credit card or a nail lime can also be used.

Another method is spring attack. It is about using a pointed object to put it in the lock and force it to open. This method is more difficult to carry out and requires some practice.

Finally, a saw can also be used to attack the lock. This method is the most destructive and should only be used as a last resort.

In any case, it is important to be careful when manipulating the lock so as not to damage it. If it is damaged, it is possible that it does not work properly and it is necessary to change it.

What opens any lock?

Although most locks can be opened with a key, there are some that require a combination or a code to be open. The most common combination locks are three to five digits, and are generally used in commercial applications. For code locks, numbers are entered on a number key and sometimes letters are used too.

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