Learn to open a bottle of wine without a starter in 60 seconds!

Are you at a party and the wine starter ended? Don’t worry! Learn to open a bottle of wine without a starter in 60 seconds with this easy tutorial.

How to open a bottle with the key?

What an unpleasant impression is to open the door of your house and find a bottle of broken wine and the precious liquid spilled on the ground! Although it seems that a bottle of wine cannot be open with a key, in fact, it is very easy. You just need a key and a towel.

Step 1: Rolle a towel around the key.

Step 2: Insert the key into the bottle, turning the key in the direction of the clock needles.

Step 3: Hold the key and the towel firmly while turning the bottle in the opposite direction to the clock needles.

That’s it! Now you can get the key and enjoy your wine.

What to do if I can’t open a bottle?

If you can’t open a bottle, don’t worry. There are many ways to open a bottle without the need for a bottling starter. Here are some tips:

-Use a blade: a blade is a perfect tool to open a bottle. If you don’t have a blade by hand, you can wear a kitchen knife or even a table knife.

-Use a screwdriver: If you don’t have a blade, you can use a screwdriver to open the bottle. Simply introduce the toll tip into the slot between the cap and the neck of the bottle and rotate.

-Use a shoe: Yes, you read well. A shoe can also help you open a bottle. Simply place the bottle on the floor and put a shoe on top. Then, hit the top of the shoe with your hand so that the tip of the shoe is key on the cap. Turn the bottle and shoe to remove the cap.

-Use a hammer: If you don’t have any of the previous tools, you can use a hammer. First, place the bottle on a flat surface. Then, with the tip of the hammer, hits the lower part of the bottle’s neck so that it breaks. Remove the pieces of glass and drink carefully.

How does a glass bottle open?

Opening a glass bottle may seem like a difficult task, but with a little practice, it can be easy to do. The first thing you will need is a screwdriver. The second thing you will need is a paper towel. Third, you will need a spoon. Fourth, you will need a glass bottle.

Step 1: Place the paper towel on the glass bottle. This will help prevent glass from breaking.

Step 2: Insert the screwdriver at the top of the glass bottle. Turn the screwdriver in the opposite direction to the clock needles.

Step 3: While the screwdriver turns, use the spoon to lift the bottle lid.

Step 4: Remove the paper towel.

Step 5: Drink the bottle drink.

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